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Can You Save Everyone In The Devil In Me?

Supermassive Games’ The Devil In Me tasks you with helping the documentary film crew of Lonnit Entertainment survive their encounter with a mysterious killer at the recreation of H. H. Holmes’ Murder Castle hotel on a secret island. While playing, you’ll need to make several important decisions and complete quick-time events (QTEs). All of this can be incredibly stressful, so we’ve put together a guide on how to save everyone according to our playthrough.

How To Save Everyone In The Devil In Me

Like previous Dark Anthology Pictures games, you can save everyone in The Devil In Me if you make the correct choices and complete all required quick-time events throughout the game’s 36 chapters.

There are six types of QTEs in the game, and they include hitting buttons on your controller within a time limit, mashing a button within a time limit, aiming with your controller and hitting a target or person, balancing over logs and walkways with controller joysticks, running and hiding behind objects, and hitting prompted buttons in time with the character’s heartbeat.

You’ll need to successfully complete all of the QTEs listed above if you want to save everyone in The Devil In Me. Thankfully, there is a range of accessibility options within the game’s settings that can make it easier to complete the QTEs, and adjusting the game’s difficulty should make them easier too.

It’s important to note that characters Jeff and Marie from the game’s prologue cannot be saved and will always die. How they die will differ depending on the actions you make and which item you select as Marie, and you can unlock the bonus ‘Until Death Do Us Part 2’ trophy/achievement if the couple watch each other die.

How To Get The Best Ending

Our guide to saving all characters and Connie the dog in The Devil In Me will follow our playthrough of the game, which unlocked the best possible ending. It’s best to start a new playthrough if you want to save everyone but you may still be able to follow our guide if you’ve already started playing.

Blackout: Saving Erin

After a gameplay segment in which you play as Erin and explore the hotel to locate the source of strange sounds, you’ll find yourself locked in a dark room. The game presents you with your first major bearing (Choice) when a mysterious stranger appears and offers Erin an inhaler.

The Devil In Me 7

You’ll be given the choice to take the inhaler or attack. To survive, you must either do nothing or take the inhaler, allowing you to use the inhaler in Erin’s inventory to stop her asthma attack. Both options will also provide you with alternative cutscenes; one of the stranger cutting some of Erin’s hair (Taking the inhaler) and another of the stranger dropping the inhaler to the floor (Doing nothing).

Silver Ash: Saving Erin

When you next play as Erin, she’ll be locked in her room and a door will open that eventually leads to the Silver Ash Institute (You do not need to use Erin’s inhaler at the beginning of this chapter). After exploring the area, you’ll hear Jamie’s voice coming from a speaker, telling Erin to hide.

The Devil In Me 9

When the lights switch off, you’ll be given the choice to run or hide. Choose to hide in the cupboard as Jamie suggested, allowing Erin to survive what would be a dangerous encounter with the stranger and the animatronics in the room.

Incinerator: Saving Charlie

In the Incinerator chapter, you’ll wake up as Charlie in the hotel’s basement. After some exploring, you’ll find yourself locked in an incinerator and will be given the choice to either force the door or lift the grate. If you want to save Charlie, simply select the grate option twice, allowing him to climb in and survive the fire.

The Devil In Me 11

Breathless: Saving Kate And Erin

After hiding in the Silver Ash Institute, Erin will run from the stranger and find herself locked in a chamber. As Jamie, Erin, and Kate chase after Erin’s screaming, Kate eventually finds herself locked in an identical, adjacent chamber, and you playing as Jamie will need to select who to kill.

The Devil In Me 12

If you want both Kate and Erin to survive, you’ll need to choose Kate. This will free Erin and eventually Kate as the group discover a leak in the chamber’s window and smash it open.

Waste Disposal: Saving Charlie

After surviving the incinerator, Charlie finds himself in one of the stranger’s many workshops. The only way out is to climb through the conveyor belt, and you’ll need to complete several button press QTEs to survive. After completing the QTEs and ending above a shredder, you’ll be given a choice between turning back or hiding from the stranger.

Choose to hide under the stranger, and then complete the single button press QTE. If you complete that, you’ll then need to survive two heartbeat segments to save Charlie. If you fail any of these QTE events, you are still given a chance to save Charlie, but it’s risky and we recommend you do your best in completing all of them for his survival.

Director’s Suite/Reflection: Screwdriver Choice/Saving Jamie And Kate

When you’re back to playing as Jamie, Kate, and Erin, you’ll find yourself in a control room. Although you’re perfectly safe here for the time being, the characters form a plan and Jamie offers herself as bait for the stranger. You’re then given a choice as Kate between taking a screwdriver or allowing Jamie to keep it.

The Devil In Me 19

Neither option is wrong but your choice is important for the next major bearing, and you should make a note of who has the screwdriver.

Immediately after, while playing as Jamie, you’ll be chased by the stranger and must complete several QTEs. Choose to keep running when presented with the Bluff or Run options, and both Kate and Jamie will find themselves locked in a room with a moving glass wall between them.

The Devil In Me 20

As Jamie, the game will offer you a choice between pushing the button to redirect the wall towards Kate or doing nothing. What you decide here will depend on who has the screwdriver.

If Jamie has the screwdriver, fail the QTE and do not press the button. If Kate has the screwdriver, make sure to press the button to redirect the wall towards her. Whoever has the screwdriver will shatter the glass if the wall is directed their way, saving both lives.

Chase: Saving Jamie And Kate

Immediately after the above Saw-like encounter, Jamie, Kate, and Erin are chased by the stranger through the hotel, and, after some QTEs, Kate will find herself on the roof. After hiding in the locker, you’ll need to complete six heartbeat segments before you’ve given the choice to Run or Stay.

Choose to Stay. Unfortunately, the stranger will find you and as Kate, you’ll need to complete several QTEs to escape from him. You’re then given the choice to Hide or Run. Choose to Hide and then complete two more heartbeat segments.

As Kate escapes, you’ll see that Jamie has been captured by the stranger, and you’re given the option to either Save or Flee. Choose to save Jamie, and then successfully complete the QTEs following the encounter. Doing so will save both Jamie and Kate before they and Erin are forced into a maze with an immediate heartbeat segment that must be completed.

Maze: Saving Jamie, Kate, And Erin

After exploring the secret passage and escaping the maze, Jamie, Erin, and Kate are once again chased by the stranger into a barn. Upon entering the barn, you, as Kate, will be given the choice to either Barricade the door or Run. Choose to Barricade the door.

Immediately after, you’ll be given another choice; either Run or Climb. Choose to run towards the barn’s backdoor, allowing all three characters to slip out of the barn.

You can actually avoid the Run or Climb choice if you instead decide to immediately run after entering the barn rather than barricade the door.

Cliffside: Saving Charlie

During the Cliffside chapter, Mark and Charlie will reunite. You’ll eventually enter the Curing Facility where the two characters hide in deactivated freezers as the stranger searches for them. When this happens, you’ll need to complete one heartbeat segment as Charlie. Failing to complete it will result in his death.

After exploring the Curing Facility, Mark and Charlie will escape the building and must cross a pair of logs over a cliff. When mark crosses the log, one will fall, giving Charlie a single, narrow log to escape on. You’ll need to successfully balance Charlie as he walks over the log to save him. Failing to do so will see Charlie plummet to his death.

Homestead: Saving Jamie, Kate, And Connie (Dog)

After saving Charlie and Mark, you’ll go back to playing as Jamie with Kate. After exploring the forest, you’ll eventually come across a farmhouse. When you enter, you’ll find Connie the dog, but with the stranger following closely behind you’ll be given a dialogue choice demanding help from Kate or instructing her to hide.

Select the ‘Anxious’ choice and tell Kate to hide. Jamie will then drag Connie into a room and hide with the dog, but when he starts to growl and attracts the attention of the stranger, you’ll be given a choice to either kill Connie with a glass bottle or do nothing.

While both options save both Jamie and Kate, failing the QTE will allow you to also save Connie, unlocking the bonus ‘Happier Ending’ trophy/achievement at the end of the game.

Lighthouse: Saving Charlie

In the Lighthouse chapter, Charlie and Mark reunite with Erin. If you previously found the tape recorder as Erin in the Silver Ash Institute which features Charlie allegedly organising the group’s murder, you’ll be given a choice of whether to save Charlie or not.

The Devil In Me 37

At the beginning of the chapter, Erin accuses Charlie of trying to kill them and suggests tying him up. As Mark, you’ll be given the option to agree with Erin or trust Charlie, and you’ll need to trust him to save the character from a grisly death later on.

Lake: Saving Everyone

In the final chapter, the entire group should be reunited and are once again chased by the stranger. When the police officer is killed by the stranger on the dock, Erin will be given the choice to Run or to tell Mark to Grab The Gun. Select the latter to grab the gun, and although Mark fails, he’ll grab a can of pepper spray that’ll help him later on.

The Devil In Me 38

When the entire group and Connie are on the boat, the stranger will attack and you’ll need to complete several QTEs while trying to get all characters off the boat. First up as Erin, you’ll get a single button press QTE and completing it successfully will see her fall into the water.

Connie will then attack the stranger (Good boy!) and is thrown into the water. As Charlie, you’ll need to complete a single button press QTE, allowing him to jump in the water too. Then, as Jamie, choose to Jump off the boat, leaving Mark and Kate.

When Mark, you’ll want to complete the single button press QTE to grab the axe and then complete another QTE to hit the stranger. After that, you’ll need to complete a button mash QTE. You’ll then play as Kate and must choose between Attacking the stranger to save Mark or jumping off the boat.

Attack the stranger, and Kate is pushed away. When you regain control of Mark, you’ll need to complete another button mash QTE and can select and use the pepper spray acquired from the police officer at the dock to subdue the stranger.

You’ll then need to complete a QTE in which you throw an anchor at the stranger, dragging him under the boat. Immediately after that, you’ll need to complete one final button press QTE, allowing Mark and Kate to jump off the boat to their survival.

Once you’ve done that, the epilogue will play and you’ll have saved all crew members and Connie in The Devil In Me. Doing so should unlock the ‘Happy Ending’ trophy/achievement and the best possible ending.

We hope our guide has helped, and good luck saving all characters!

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