Bugsnax Isle Of Bigsnax DLC

Bugsnax To Launch On PC, Xbox, And Switch With Isle Of Bigsnax DLC

Bugsnax developer Young Horses Inc has announced that their adventure video game is launching on Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch later this month alongside the release of The Isle Of Bigsnax DLC.

The studio announced the launch of the newly-updated Bugsnax with DLC onto new consoles in a tweet shared today, revealing that the title will be released on the Nintendo eShop, on Steam for PC, and on Gamepass for PC and Xbox Series consoles.

The Isle Of Bigsnax whisks you away to a mysterious new island that has risen out of the ocean just off the coast of Snaktooth Island, where the main game takes place. As explained by Young Horses Creative Director Kevin Zuhn, you and several volunteers from the main island travel to the new island to investigate its mysteries.

The new island is filled with environmental puzzles and giant Bugsnax that are so large they ignore your usual traps and tools. To catch the oversized Bugsnax, you’ll need to use the island’s Shrink Spice substance to shrink them into a manageable and catchable size – though the Bugsnax are still very dangerous.

In addition to getting an entirely new island, there are Bugsnax hats to collect, and you’ll get your very own hut on Snaxburg island. The hut can be decorated and customised to your preferences with various furniture, wallpaper, and lawn ornaments unlocked by completing challenges and requests for the grumpuses with the rewards sent to you via mail.

The Isle Of Bigsnax will release on April 28th, and Bugsnax will launch on Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Gamepass on the same day. Check out the trailer for the DLC below:

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