Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora

Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora Has Gone Gold

Ubisoft has announced today that Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora has gone gold.

The publisher giant announced the news on X, formerly Twitter, earlier today, saying: “We’re extremely proud to share that #AvatarFrontiers has gone GOLD!

“We can’t wait for you all to explore the incredible world of Pandora on December 7th. A huge congratulations to lead studio Ubisoft Massive, and our codev studios around the world.”

Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora – A Quick Look

The upcoming open-world first-person game follows a Na’vi orphan who, after being raised as a soldier by the RDA and waking up after 15 years in suspended animation in an abandoned facility, embarks on a mission to stop the RDA as they attempt to purge the Western Frontier – a new region of Pandora – of its resources.

On your journey, you’ll have to explore the region of the Western Frontier, either on foot by climbing and swinging, or with your own personal Banshee.

The game, taking inspiration from the film series, will allow you to utilise traditional Na’vi weapons like bows and spears, or ditch them for RDA equipment like shotguns and assault rifles, with everything available to use in aerial combat.

Ubisoft has confirmed that the game will support character customisation, as well as a crafting system, and offers numerous skills that can be used to form a unique playstyle.

Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora will support raytracing, dynamic environments, as well as the PlayStation DualSense’s adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, allowing you to feel the tension of the Na’vi bow, the recoil of human weapons, and more than 400 additional effects, according to a recent PlayStation Blog post.

Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora launches December 7th for PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series consoles.

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