Moo Lander

2D Platformer Moo Lander To Launch Next Month On PC And Consoles

Developer The Sixth Hammer has announced a release date for its upcoming 2D adventure platformer Moo Lander.

The bovine game is set in the universe of Moo Lander, where milk is the supreme energy source second only to the explosions of a dying star. Unfortunately, it’s becoming scarce, but the residents of Moo Lander have heard rumours of an ancient device capable of producing large quantities of milk.

To help, you must board the only functioning spacecraft left and set out to explore a world filled with deadly aliens, sinister dungeons, and numerous cows, each with their own unique abilities and personalities, as well as their own AI that governs their behaviour.

The game supports multiplayer, coming with four modes for couch co-op or online play, and the game includes unlockable abilities, an emotional 12 plus hour campaign, and gorgeous, handcrafted environments to navigate.

Moo Lander will launch on PC via Steam and on PlayStation and Xbox consoles on May 27th, with a Nintendo Switch launch planned for fall this year. You can check out a demo of the game on Steam and on Xbox.

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