How To Use Digipicks In Starfield

Digipicks are items that you can use to pick locks in Starfield, triggering a short mini-game where you need to match the patterned Digipick with their respective lock. Different from previous Bethesda lock-picking mini-games, if you’re stuck, you can discover more about Digipicks and how to use them right here.

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How To Complete Digipick Mini-games

To use Digipicks, you simply need to walk up to the locked safe, door or other item and hit the on-screen prompt.

From there, you’re taken to the mini-game, which displays a set of rings with gaps along each of them to the left and selectable Digipicks to the right.

Starfield Digipick 3

To complete the Digipick mini-game, you need to match each patterned Digipick with the gaps on each ring. This is done by selecting a Digipick from the right and then rotating it until it fits the gaps on the ring.

All keys will need to match with all rings to successfully complete the mini-game, although some keys can fit into more than one ring. If any Digipick is placed incorrectly, you’ll lose it and fail the mini-game.

Starfield Digipick 4

Thankfully, Starfield allows you to remove keys if you’ve made a mistake and need to swap them around.

Digipick Levels

There are four lock levels in Starfield, each of which is more advanced than the one before. They include:

  • Novice
  • Advanced
  • Expert
  • Master

All players start on the Novice level, meaning all basic locks can be picked.

To pick higher-level locks, you’ll need to purchase the Security skill under the Tech tree, and then upgrade it by completing objectives related to the skill.

Where To Get Digipicks

Bethesda’s made it easy for you to get Digipicks throughout the game. They can be found through exploration at research stations, outposts, and other locations, and you can use your scanner to highlight them while exploring – they’ll have a blue border.

Digipicks can also be looted off enemies and bodies, and bought from vendors throughout the game’s numerous cities, including the Jemison Mercantile store on New Atlantis, which is one of the first vendors you’ll come across in the game.

It’s good to note that vendors restore their stock after some in-game time, so you can always return to vendors to purchase more.

That’s it! Now you know how to use Digipicks in Starfield and how to get more. Good luck picking those locks!

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