How To Defeat HC Helicopter In Armored Core VI

How To Defeat HC Helicopter In Armored Core VI

The first boss you have to face in Armored Core VI is the AH12 HC Helicopter, which can prove to be a challenge whether you’ve played previous FromSoftware games or not. If you’re struggling, check out our guide on how to defeat HC Helicopter in Armored Core VI right here.

The Best Way To Beat HC Helicopter In Armored Core VI

The best way to defeat HC Helicopter in Armored Core VI is by sticking under the helicopter and using your pulse blade, which deals lots of damage while also contributing to the boss’ ACS stagger gauge – the curved three-part bar located at the top of your targeting system UI.

Once you’ve filled the bar, the boss will stagger, leaving it open to critical attacks. You’ll want to use your pulse blade here again to deal the most damage to the HC Helicopter, and remember that you can perform a two-hit chain attack by hitting the button a second time after your first attack.

When not under the boss, you’ll want to use your machine gun and missiles to continuously attack the HC Helicopter and chip away at its health, all while dodging its three main attacks and rushing towards the boss using your Assault Boost to get back under it.

The attacks you’ll need to avoid include:

  • Heavy missiles: The HC Helicopter will shoot several missiles that have a large blast radius when they hit the ground or you. You can either outmanoeuvre or avoid them by taking cover around the boss arena
  • Gatling guns: The HC Helicopter has two guns on either side that shoot quickly and deal a lot of damage. The Helicopter can use one or both simultaneously, and the shots can easily stagger you. You can outmanoeuvre them and perform quick boosts to dodge the shots
  • Missile salvo: The HC Helicopter will shoot several homing missiles from either or both sides of the vehicle. They can easily be dodged by performing quick boosts when close by

Once you defeat the HC Helicopter boss, you’ll receive your License Code, completing the tutorial mission. Unfortunately, it’s only going to get harder from here!

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