How Many Quests Are In Stardew Valley?

How Many Quests Are In Stardew Valley?

There are a total of 55 story quests in Stardew Valley. Completing story quests unlock different areas within the town of Stardew Valley, as well as additional buildings for your farm. You can find a complete list of all Stardew Valley quests right here in this guide to help you work out how far along you are into the game.

Stardew Valley Story Quest List

You can have several story quests in Stardew Valley to complete at a time, particularly since some of the quests require you to complete objectives – harvest certain crops, for instance – during select seasons, which can be missed if not careful.

Because of the above, you may complete quests in a different order than what we’ve listed below:

  1. Introductions
  2. How To Win Friends
  3. Getting Started
  4. To The Beach
  5. Raising Animals
  6. Advancement
  7. Explore The Mine
  8. Deeper In The Mine
  9. To The Bottom?
  10. Archaeology
  11. Rat Problem
  12. Meet The Wizard
  13. Forging Ahead
  14. Smelting
  15. Initiation
  16. Robin’s Lost Axe
  17. Jodi’s Request
  18. Mayor’s Shorts
  19. Blackberry Basket
  20. Marnie’s Request
  21. Pam Is Thirsty
  22. A Dark Reagent
  23. Cow’s Delight
  24. The Skull Key
  25. Crop Research
  26. Knee Therapy
  27. Robin’s Request
  28. Qi’s Challenge
  29. The Mysterious Qi I
  30. The Mysterious Qi II
  31. The Mysterious Qi III
  32. The Mysterious Qi IV
  33. Carving Pumpkins
  34. A Winter Mystery
  35. Strange Note
  36. Cryptic Note
  37. Fresh Fruit
  38. Aquatic Research
  39. A Sooldier’s Star
  40. Mayor’s Need
  41. Wanted: Lobster
  42. Pam Needs Juice
  43. Fish Casserole
  44. Catch A Squid
  45. Fish Stew
  46. Pierre’s Notice
  47. Clint’s Attempt
  48. A Favour For Clint
  49. Staff Of Power
  50. Granny’s Gift
  51. Exotic Spirits
  52. Catch A Lingcod
  53. Dark Talisman
  54. Goblin Problem
  55. The Pirate’s Wife

All quests in the game can be found in your Quest Log, along with information on the rewards you can claim. When you do complete a quest, make sure to access them via your Log to grab their reward as they’re not automatically credited.

Stardew Valley is an open-ended game, so completing the game’s story quests doesn’t mean the game is finished, as there are plenty of additional Help Wanted requests and Special Orders to complete, which should keep you busy for the future.

That’s it! Now you know how many quests are in Stardew Valley. Keep an eye out for additional Stardew Valley guides in the coming weeks.

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