How Many Missions Are In Starfield?

How Many Missions Are In Starfield?

As an expansive RPG, Starfield’s story is told through a total of 19 main missions, which see you visit various planets across the Settled System in search of artefacts for Constellation, a group of space explorers. You can find a complete list of all Starfield missions below if you want to check how far into the game you are.

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How Starfield Missions Work

Your missions in Starfield are tracked in your log, which can be accessed in the pause menu and hitting the down button.

The log splits all missions into various categories: main mission, faction missions, miscellaneous, and activities – small goals you can complete amongst all missions.

You can freely collapse each mission for a list of all objectives that must be completed to finish a mission, as you can see in the screenshots above.

The time each mission takes to complete varies, as some will require you to complete more objectives than others or encourage more exploration and travel.

To make travel easier, Starfield allows you to instantly plot a course to your next objective from your ship if its in another location, speeding your traversal.

Starfield Main Mission List

The complete list of missions is as follows. The below list isn’t definitive, as you may have more than one main mission at any time and can complete them in the order you see fit.

  1. One Small Step
  2. The Old Neighbourhood
  3. The Empty Nest
  4. Back To Vectera
  5. Into The Unknown
  6. All That Money Can Buy
  7. Starborn
  8. Further Into The Unknown
  9. Short Sighted
  10. No Sudden Moves
  11. High Price To Pay
  12. Unity
  13. In Their Footsteps
  14. Final Glimpses
  15. Unearthed
  16. Missed Beyond Measure
  17. Entangled
  18. Revelation
  19. One Giant Leap

That’s it! Now you know how many main missions are in Starfield. Enjoy exploring the dozens of planets and the exciting sci-fi story.

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