How Many Missions Are In Final Fantasy XVI

How Many Missions Are In Final Fantasy XVI (16)?

There are a atotal of 68 missions in Final Fantasy XVI, which tell the story of Clive Rosfield’s quest for revenge across several decades, a journey that takes you across the land of Valisthea, where you’ll encounter numerous nations fighting for resources as a disease known as the Blight consumes the continent. You can find a complete Final Fantasy XVI mission list below, helping you work out how far you are in the 35-plus-hour game.

Final Fantasy 16 Mission List

Final Fantasy XVI Journal

All 68 missions in Final Fantasy 16 must be completed to finish the game, and none of the missions can be skipped. You can check on your active quest by opening your Journal, which lists all available main and side missions, as shown above.

Several of the game’s main missions will require you to complete a few side quests to continue with the game, and some of the main missions have sub-quests to complete too.

Here’s our complete Final Fantasy XVI mission list:

  1. A Flame Summoned
  2. To Kill A Dominant
  3. Pride
  4. Sunrise, Sunset
  5. Lost In A Fog
  6. Flight Of The Fledgling
  7. A Chance Encounter
  8. Hide, Hideaway
  9. Fanning Embers
  10. Louder Than Words
  11. The Dead Of Night
  12. Headwind
  13. Wings Of Change
  14. Awakening
  15. The Wages Of Guilt
  16. The Hunter And The Hunted
  17. Homecoming
  18. Building Bridges
  19. A Bearer’s Lot
  20. Holding On
  21. Back In The Day
  22. Buried Memories
  23. The Meaning Of Life
  24. Righting Wrongs
  25. The Dame
  26. The Crystals’ Curse
  27. Cid The Outlaw
  28. Home, Sweet Home
  29. The Gathering Storm
  30. Dark Clouds Gather
  31. Release
  32. Bloodlines
  33. Black Light Burns
  34. Black Or White
  35. Here Be Monsters
  36. Fire And Ice
  37. After The Storm
  38. Capital Punishment
  39. Bolts From The Blue
  40. Getting To Work
  41. Riddle Of The Sands
  42. Follow The Crystals
  43. Into The Darkness
  44. Out Of The Shadow
  45. Letting Off Steam I
  46. Letting Of Steam II
  47. Letting Of Steam III
  48. Onward
  49. To Catch A Thief
  50. Blood From The Stones
  51. Fire In The Sky
  52. Things Fall Apart
  53. The Flames Of War
  54. Why We Fight
  55. Down The Rabbit Hole
  56. Cloak And Dagger
  57. Evenfall
  58. A Song Of Hope
  59. Like Father, Like Daughter
  60. Full Steam
  61. Through The Maelstrom
  62. Across The Narrow
  63. Footfalls In Ash
  64. The Last King
  65. Brotherhood
  66. Streets Of Madness
  67. Back To Their Origin
  68. Of Gods And Men

The 25th mission – The Dame – marks the game’s point of no return. All side quests available before it can no longer be completed, so it’s best to complete as much as possible before finishing that mission.

That’s it! Now you know how many missions are in Final Fantasy XVI and can enjoy exploring Valisthea and helping Clive on his journey.

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