How Many Chapters Are In Armored Core VI

How Many Chapters Are In Armored Core VI?

Armored Core VI has a total of five chapters with 58 missions, none of which can be skipped. There are three different endings through two New Game+ modes, as well as alternative missions available for you to complete. Below, you’ll find a complete list of all chapters in Armored Core VI and all missions in them.

Armored Core VI Chapter List

The five chapters in Armored Core VI all have varying numbers of missions that you’ll need to complete to progress. However, some missions can only be completed in New Game+ and New Game++, with some alternative missions offered in these subsequent playthrough modes with varying changes.

At some points in the game, you’ll also have to make decisions regarding the game’s story, which impact the missions you can after. We’ve noted each decision below, as well as the decisions that impact the game’s first ending.

It’s important to note that if you make a decision in one playthrough and play its corresponding mission, the missing mission will remain locked until you make the alternate choice in a second or third playthrough.

The second chapter of Armored Core VI is the shortest within the game, while the third chapter is the longest. The remaining chapters – one, four, and five – are all around equal length.

Chapter One

  • Mission 1 [Prologue]: Illegal Entry
  • Mission 2: Destroy Artillery Installations
  • Mission 3: Grid 135 Cleanup
  • Mission 4: Destroy The Transport Helicopters
  • Mission 5: Destroy The Tester AC
  • Mission 6: Attack The Damn Complex
  • Mission 7: Destroy The Weaponised Mining Ship
  • Mission 8: Operation Wallclimber
  • Mission 9: Retrieve Combat Logs
  • Mission 10: Investigate BAWS Arsenal No. 2
  • Mission 11: Attack The Watchpoint

Chapter Two

  • Mission 12: Infiltrate Grid 086
  • Mission 13: Eliminate The Doser Faction
  • Mission 14: Ocean Crossing

Chapter Three

  • Mission 15: Steal The Survey Data
  • Mission 16: Attack The Refueling Base
  • Mission 17: Eliminate V.VII
  • Mission 18: Tunnel Sabotage
  • Mission 19: Survey The Uninhabited Floating City
  • Mission 20: Heavy Missile Launch Support

After mission 20, you’ll be required to choose between completing mission 21 or 22. The mission you skip on your first playthrough can then be completed in a subsequent playthrough.

  • Mission 21: Eliminate The Enforcement Squads
  • Mission 22: Destroy The Special Forces Craft
  • Mission 23: Attack The Old Spaceport
  • Mission 24: Eliminate “Honest” Brute
  • Mission 25: Defend The Old Spaceport
  • Mission 26: Historic Data Recovery
  • Mission 27: Destroy The Ice Worm

Chapter Four

  • Mission 28: Underground Exploration – Depth 1
  • Mission 29: Underground Exploration – Depth 2
  • Mission 30: Underground Exploration – Depth 3

After completing mission 30, you’ll need to select between missions 31 and 32. The mission you skip on your first playthrough can then be completed in a subsequent playthrough.

  • Mission 31: Intercept The Redguns
  • Mission 32: Ambush The Vespers
  • Mission 33: Unknown Territory Survey
  • Mission 34: Reach The Coral Convergence

Chapter Five

  • Mission 35: Escape
  • Mission 36: Take The Uninhabited Floating City

After completing mission 36, you’ll need to choose between completing missions 37 and 38, both of which unlock different endings. Selecting mission 37 unlocks missions 39-A and 40-A, as well as the game’s first major ending.

  • Mission 37: Intercept The Corporate Forces
  • Mission 39-A: Breach The Karman Line
  • Mission 40-A: Shut Down The Closure Satellites

Meanwhile, selecting mission 38 unlocks missions 39-B and 40-B, as well as the game’s second major ending.

  • Mission 38: Eliminate “Cinder” Carla
  • Mission 39-B: Destroy The Drive Block
  • Mission 40-B: Bring Down The Xylem

New Game+ Missions

When you start a second playthrough, you’ll unlock new and alternate (ALT) missions, as well as the ability to unlock the second ending to the game. The missions include the following:

  • [Chapter One] Mission 6 (ALT): Attack The Dam Complex
  • [Chapter Three] Mission 18-B: Prevent Corporate Salvage Of New Tech

We also want to point out that after completing mission 17 in chapter three, you’ll have a decision between completing the original mission 18 or the new mission listed here.

New Game++ Missions

After completing your second playthrough, you can start a third with New Game++, which unlocks several new and alternative (ALT) missions as well as the ability to gain the third and final ending.

  • [Chapter One] Mission 7: Escort The Weaponised Mining Ship
  • [Chapter One] Mission 9: Prisoner Rescue
  • [Chapter One] Mission 10: Obstruct The Mandatory Inspection
  • [Chapter One] Mission 11 (ALT): Attack The Watchpoint
  • [Chapter Two] Mission 13: Stop The Secret Data Breach
  • [Chapter Three] Mission 19 (ALT): Survey The Uninhabited Floating City
  • [Chapter Four] Mission 26: Coral Export Denial
  • [Chapter Five] Mission 29 (ALT): Underground Exploration – Depth 2
  • [Chapter Five] Mission 33: Eliminate V.III
  • [Chapter Five] Mission 33 (ALT): Unknown Territory Survey
  • [Chapter Five] Mission 34 (ALT): Reach The Coral Convergence
  • [Chapter Five] Mission 35: MIA
  • [Chapter Five] Mission 36: Regain Control Of The Xylem
  • [Chapter Five] Mission 37: Coral Release

That’s it! Those are all of the chapters in Armored Core VI, as well as all of the main and alternative missions within the game.

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